what we do

What We Do

Following appropriate visa documentation procedures such as for study in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or USA is a quite daunting task. Moreover, doing such tasks without the guidance of expert counsellors can be highly risky. Our counsellors perform deep analysis of application requirements, understand them and pick out the best relevant option for. Hence, in order to avoid the chance of visa refusal because of minor mistakes like irrelevant or missing required documents, visit the one stop solution for all your career problems.


Before the commencement of our working procedures we perform a small analysis of a client’s eligibility to ensure whether he/she is meeting the minimum requirements to apply for a particular course or Study Visa. Our Eligibility criteria vary from study destination to course selection in college/university. Every minute detail of the selected program will be explained by our well-trained staff. Note that only those applications that meet the minimum eligibility criteria are accepted for further processing. For additional information, you can call us or visit our nearest branch.

Financial Planning

After our clients pass through the eligibility criteria, we walk them through the process of personal financial planning so as to assist them in planning the budget for their studies and also guide them for program selection accordingly. Based on our experience in the industry, we always provide genuine and ethical advice that is beneficial for the students in maintaining their budget of higher studies. We tell them about various options from which they can chose the most suitable for their financial requirements. We are aware that a best planned career is the ultimate goal for them.

Career Counselling

Whether you want to identify a right career direction or you need help for educational decision-making, KD Immigration are one of the best choices to secure your future. At KD Immigration, you can guidance from the professionals having handful of experience in this field whether it’s about choosing a study destination or settling over there permanently. As we are always updated with the latest information, we can easily direct the students towards selection of career-oriented courses which are actually in-demand so as to simplify the process of getting job and permanent residency.

Pre & Post Visa Assistance

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. In the beginning, our team directs the clients towards requirements of the whole process of visa application and keeps them updated at all stages of processing. Situations may arise where client has to go through an interview conducted by the destination country officials so as to qualify for admission or visa processing. In such cases, we are there to support you and assist you in preparing for the interview. Moreover, our team will keep a track of your practice till you crack the interview.

May or may not be Partner universties and colleges.