Choosing a right career path is the most daunting task of our life that all of us have to face one day. Especially, when its about opting for higher studies in abroad, students as well as their parents have to take a significant decision emotionally as well as financially. However, with career counselling service providers like KD Immigration, this is no more a back-breaking job. We have solution for all your worries. Whether you are a 10 + 2 pass out, a fresh graduate with/without work experience, or a post graduate, KD Immigration has diverse career choices for all. Expert mentors and consultants at KD Immigration initiates their job by deeply analyzing various factors related to students like their academics, aptitude/ interest, available finances, chances of scholarships, specific location& living requirements, etc. Furthermore, the expert mentors at KD Immigration guide students in selecting their program of study.

Understanding Requirement

At KD Immigration, understanding students’ career requirements is our topmost priority. Our professionals try to keep up with the students’ ideas and viewpoint linked to their career goals. A better understanding gives way to better options.

Admission Processing

The expert counselors at KD Immigration assist students at every stage like filling up admission form, financial arrangement and various other documentations for visa application. Our efforts and professional plans will definitely make your dream of studying abroad come true.

Selecting the University

While selecting university either for postgraduate or doctorate level courses, students should always make sure if the corresponding university is worldwide recognized and is furnishing excellent quality of education. The expert team at KD Immigration help the students in being satisfied while taking their final decision on university selection.

SOP Preparation

A well-written and expressive SOP adds up to your chances being accepted to a foreign visa application. Your SOP should clearly demonstrate your aim of studying at a particular University/college of a particular country, your area of study and your academic background. For that, we will help you in preparing an appealing and genuine SOP.

Guidance of Finances

Managing finances is a significant and a quite daunting task for students as well as their parents. In such a situation, our experts are always there to assist you in arranging the finances. Our procedure involves doing a breakup of entire expenditure to help students understanding the expenses involved at each stage. Further, we suggest them various available alternatives that can be quite helpful in turning their dreams into reality.

Visa Processing

Successful processing of Visa and Interview process is the key to a prosperous career in a foreign university. At KD Immigration, our visa processing experts always stay updated with the latest requirements, immigration policies and visa checklists. To help the students for interview preparation, we also have a set of mock interview questions that can be probably asked based on the students’ profile.

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