Admission Guidance

Admission Guidance

Getting admitted to a renowned university or college in abroad is a great opportunity to prove yourself and to excel in your career. But all this requires hard efforts, clarity of thoughts and above all understanding of the various procedures involved to get admitted to a foreign university. Our job is not just limited to internet research, filing application forms and directing students to the universities of their choice but we also have to handle various issues, queries and procedures that need to be understood, completed and followed. We have to take into account even the minute details so as to avoid any case of application rejection. Since each country university has its own admission criteria, students need adequate guidance, knowledge and information about each and every required action. At KD Immigration, we put every feasible to simplify and ease the process of admission in an international university. We work rigorously in justifying students applications in all possible ways and thereby, help them in preparing a strong and appealing Statement of Purpose (SOP).

At KD Immigration, our primary jobs it to evaluate the students English language skills and recommend universities for admission.We ensure submission of a flawless and quality based application via detailed and personalized attention to each students application. The letter of Recommendation(LOR) and Statement of Purpose(SOP) are the most significant part of application process. Our experts proofed and polish your written material accordingly.

A well-presented and error-free application usually acts as the deciding factor for students to obtain an Offer Letter.

Procedure for Admission

  • Furnishing students with Application Forms.
  • Clear explanation and assistance for filling up the form
  • Notifty Clients about the required documents.
  • Preparation of written documents such as SOP(Statement of Purpose),RECO(Recommendation Letter), Resumes.
  • Sending Application for further processing.
  • Tracking status of your application sent to University/College.

Admission Requirements

  • Overall IELTs score of 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 issued in the past 24 months
  • Admission into a 3 year program – may only have 6 failures. If an applicant has an overall average of 65%, they may accept 8 failures.
  • Admission into a 4 year program – may only have 8 failures. If an applicant has an overall average of 65% they may accept 10 failures.
  • Program must be complimentary and value added to their previous education.
  • Student should have a minimum Second Class of C level with an overall minimum score of 50% in their more recently completed diploma or degree.